Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sweet Freedom!

Yesterday I won big.

And when I say big I mean BIG!


This much in fact: 'a prize of Three hundred thousand Euros only (Ђ300,000.00) and a laptop.'

Did you see that? 'and a laptop'....well, that just blows me away!

And today, my luck continued when I received the following by email:


We are pleased to inform you of the result of the just clouded annual final draws of YAHOO FAIR LONDON international programs. You are therefore been approve to claim the sum of £850,000.00Eight Hundred and Fifty Thousand POUNDS.

Erm, that equates to around $399,637.74 + $1,285,592.32 = $1, 685, 230.06c according to my pencil and paper calculation.

Oh and let's not forget the laptop of course!!!!

However I have not yet won what I **really** want to win: Sweet Freedom!

And no, I don't necessarily mean from my day job (although of course were the above notifications genuine, I would already be sunning it up on a Caribbean beach with My Beloved, swinging in a hammock under a palm tree, sipping on a fruity little rum concoction, drowsily watching the hibiscus come in and out of focus while deciding what useful vegan thing I could do with the rest of my life...), nooooo....I mean 'Sweet Freedom', the new cookbook by Ricki Heller of

OK, OK, I'll wait until it's published on May 15th - the day after my birthday, it should be noted! - to purchase a copy of what promises to be a fantastic set of recipes for delectables utterly free of eggs, dairy, wheat and refined sugars.

But it would be awesome if I could win a copy....just to cap off an extremely lucky week!

Stay vegan, friends!

Oh, and go buy a copy for yourselves!!!!!