Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Humphrey!

Humphrey is one of the loves of my life. He's a min-pin-dachshund cross who joined us in his 'forever home' this weekend in 2004. As a rescued pup from Tennessee, his background is a bit of a mystery, even to the point that we don't know his exact birthday, or even age. All we know is that he was rescued from a high-kill shelter in TN and brought up to New England by the good folks of the FACES network. These people are like a modern day 'underground railroad', saving countless lives by transporting non-humans from areas where they will be killed to loving homes. And just because we don't know exactly when he was born - and he's sure not telling! - does not stop us from celebrating him and marking his 'honorary birthday' each year on President's Day weekend. Today, he looked forward to and seemed to thoroughly enjoy a slice of birthday cake...

A Carrot and Vegan Sausage Cake with non-dairy Cream Cheese Filling:

Savouring the moment and knowing that it's all for you:

Trying to keep it on the plate:

OK, it's all toooooo good!:


Looking for every last crumb:

Happy 'Birthday' Humphrey and many - MANY - more to come!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love is...

Valentine's Day has become such a Hallmark Card Day and it's time to reclaim it for lovers everywhere. Love is not about sending a card or buying overpriced roses, hot-housed and flown in from heaven knows where just for the occasion.

IMHO, love is about putting a smile on the face of someone precious, it's making an effort, setting someone else's needs or wants ahead of your own while knowing that they'd do the same. It's recognizing that you are simultaneously a tiny part of the world, yet the whole world to someone outside of yourself. And it's knowing your place and being comfortable there.

Today, my place was at the brunch table with my wonderful husband:

Where we enjoyed vegan crepes stuffed with caramelised bananas, and a medley of mango, nectarine, strawberries, blackberries, pear and melon. We shared a pot of fresh coffee and a mimosa.....or two. It was simple but delicious.

And you know what made it all the more delicious? Learning this morning that the efforts we've all been making to rescue those three bulls from slaughter - the ones in my previous posts - have succeeded and the boys are safe.

Now THAT is the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

THAT is love.

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! :)