Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kindness Uplifts the World: Turtle

A few weeks ago, on the evening of December 14th, a call came in to the Animal Rescue League of Boston about a dog who'd been found lying in a wooded area Hyde Park, MA. She was covered in bites, scars, open and infected wounds, and was severely emaciated. She was also suffering from compression fractures - from repeated bite wounds - and there was evidence of partially healed fractures in addition.

Her name is Turtle and this is how she looked on that evening:

(Photo courtesy of Amelia Hughes)

She had lived her life as a 'bait dog' - an individual singled out usually because they are of gentle disposition and not suited for fighting. They then become the live practice animal for training fighting dogs. And when they are no longer useful in their role, they are usually killed or - as in Turtle's case - just dumped and left to die.

She was taken to Tufts Veterinary Hospital and is making an incredible recovery. But she's also accumulated quite a debt ($10,000 so far) and hence the reason for this post. I saw this video and wanted to share it with you: it's only 3.5 minutes in length and I imagine Turtle would really appreciate your attention for just that long...

Turtle's full story is available to read here on the Animal Rescue League of Boston's website. Hallmark Sotheby's International Realty is hosting a "spinning" fundraiser to help support Turtle next Saturday - January 16th - at Wellesley's Spynergy Spinning Studio. More information about it is available here. If you are in the Boston area, please do consider attending this great event - great for Turtle's health and great for yours! Or, if you are not in the Boston area, Merry Perry Design of Quincy has created this cute t-shirt:

(front view)

(back view)

The $15 cost per shirt will be donated toward her care and you can place an order - as I will - by emailing HelpTurtleDog at this address: helpturtledog@yahoo.com.

Donations can also be made through the ARL's secure site here.

Remember my earlier post about 'just one thing'? Well, here's an opportunity to do just one thing to help just one animal who really needs it. Turtle.

Thanks, friends.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Food Glorious Food!

Food: it's a tricky subject. Not just because vegans never get tired of hearing the, often incredulous and high-pitched, question 'But what do you eat????' but also because - to be honest - this vegan eats way too much of it.




I will confess: I am a foodaholic. I just love it, and it loves me. It must do because even the merest caress of a cupcake and it's with me forever. At my side, on my hips, for all eternity. And so this year I am taking myself in hand and am going to eat more healthily: not just healthy for the animals, but healthy for me too!

Under the gentle guidance of my friend, C, (you know who you are!) I am refocusing my diet to eat more whole foods and fewer processed things. I really need to drop about 40 or 50lbs so I see a whole heap more beans and vegetables in my future and am kicking the cookies and cupcakes to the curb. Yikes, that's the plan anyhow! :)

So, here was my start yesterday - my delish brunch at my favorite hangout in all the world: The Green Bean.

It's their signature 'Greens, Beans and (brown) Rice' and not only did I feel virtuous in choosing it, I also radiated health and energy all day. Well, perhaps I am making that last part up for dramatic effect, but I honestly certainly enjoyed it! See:

Yeah, it's clear I really had to force that down, right!?!?

Get healthy, get happy and stay vegan, friends! :)