Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Today's WTF Moment...

So what, do tell, is a 'ham shoot'?

It conjures up images of the fairground, where kids shoot paper targets to win goldfish. Perhaps at a sportsman's ham shoot, the competitors win packets of sausages? Or bacon sandwiches?

I say this tongue very firmly in cheek, of course.

What in the name of all that's holy is a ham shoot?

In the run up to Thanksgiving, I've seen 'live turkey shoots' advertised at the same spot and have always cringed at the thought. And now, as we approach Easter, there are ham shoots, and I am absolutely terrified to consider the possibilities there.

And - note the shingle - this is at a fish and game range. Which is open to the public. Anyone can wander in off the street presumably and take a shot.

Some days I can't help but wonder what the heck I am doing here.....

Stay Vegan, Friends....

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This Eagle Has Landed!

I am exhausted.

And thrilled.

And confused.

Happily challenged.

And getting results.

In short: my new job is great!

OK, you've all been very patient while I've been offline recently, so here are some pix....

Epicenter of the Chartpak Empire:

My workspace:

The 'Hot Seat' or 'where it all happens'...

Of particular note are the photo on the desk of My Beloved, and Cow Tse-Dung, who is dangling from the shelf on the left....I leave you to work it out....


And here are my new coworkers, Tara (Sales Director) in the foreground and Lana (Creative Director) standing behind her:

And here's Jamie, fellow Haggis-head and my new boss...

Am not entirely sure what he's thinking...perhaps this is ripe for a 'caption competition'?

OK, so nothing particularly vegan about this post, but just keeping ya'll up to date!

Everyone has been really nice - very welcoming, easy going, receptive to new ideas (including my veganism) and the transition has been smooth as silk. Makes a change, right?

Stay Vegan, Friends!