Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cel-e-brate Good Times...Come On!

Once upon a time there was a cake:

It was a cake I made for my friend Rachel and her husband Robert who have graciously asked My Beloved and I over for dinner tonight. And - despite being meat-eaters - they're going to cook vegan for us! They are truly nice people! And so to honour that, and to celebrate the fact that they are 'expecting', I made a vegan chocolate-spice cake with vanilla 'buttercream' and fresh blueberries.

I figure that the antioxidant health benefits of the blueberries coupled with the vitamins in the prunes (used instead of eggs) will offset the whole 'oooohhh, I shouldn't be eating chocolate!' thing.....OK, so pregnancy is a time for watching what goes into the mouth, but the lack of eggs and cows' milk makes this treat sooooooooo much better for all concerned!

Anyways, I am also celebrating.








More on that later, but for now, some more food porn!



and also some homemade vegan doggie cookies (pumpkin pie) for the 'mountain curr', Bert, who lives with our hosts!

Bone appetit!

(OK, it's an oldie but goldie!!)

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