Friday, June 13, 2008

Targeted Marketing?

...or....Are You Serious???????

I am the proud recipient of my first package.

This medium-sized brown box, sporting the now universally-recognized Amazon smile, was wedged safely inside the screen door when I arrived home last night. Gleefully, I tore open the sealing tape and pulled out the following:

Whilst My Beloved was somewhat less than gleeful at the arrival of a raw food book ('Good luck with that' were his exact words if I recall correctly), he could barely wait to get his hands on Robin Robertson's Vegan Fire and Spice. I too was thrilled.....until I lifted it from the box to reveal the following lurking at the bottom.....

Let me get this right: I order two - not one but TWO - vegan cookbooks....which probably means that

a) I don't eat animals
b) I probably eschew the dubious 'merits' of the Golden Arches in favour of cooking actual food

......and they send me a coupon for a chicken sandwich????????

I guess the message inside the coupon flap could not really have been more apt.

"Your search for the perfect chicken sandwich is SO over."


It has been since September last year.

Since I learned of the unspeakable cruelty endured by the birds McDonalds thinks of only in terms of a cheap sandwich.

Since I turned vegan.

And started ordering vegan cookbooks.


Perhaps it does lend weight to the theory that eating meat makes you stupid - I mean, what are the chances that a vegan shipper added that particular coupon to my order????

Stay Vegan, Friends!

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