Monday, August 11, 2008

Changing the world, one animal at a time.

Hot on the heels of my post about Peaceful Prairie comes another sanctuary-related snippet. I have just discovered a wonderful place out in Wyoming which cares for and rehabilitates animals rescued from research facilities. The Kindness Ranch is a new and developing resource - the website is pretty basic but it's heart-warming to see the images of the residents. I would have liked to know more about their individual backgrounds, their stories and how they made their way to the ranch.

Intriguingly, the site does allude to the difficulty of getting research establishments to give up their animals alive: 'Obtaining the release of any animal is never easy, and in many cases, it's not free!' and scientists 'for reasons of economics or policy, have traditionally euthanized animals when they are no longer useful'. But this is vital work and the ranch needs and deserves our support. If you can help financially, their basic adult membership is just $25 and they accept donations by all the usual means.

And if you are ever out in Wyoming, it certainly looks like an awesome place to stay!

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