Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm Vegan - The Movie!

I am SOOOO ready to tell you all about Thanksgiving but that will require more time than I currently have...at least while I'm blogging surrepticiously here at work.


So, although I know you are waiting with bated breath for reports of Thanksgiving (and My Beloved's birthday) on Cape Cod, I hope this will tide you over. Cape Cod...tide...geddit?? Ha Ha.

So, while surfing around randomly trying to catch up on blogosphere developments I stumbled across a call for vegan documentary stars! Curious? OK, here's the scoop.....

Over at An Animal Friendly Life a casting call has just gone out for participants. Eric says:

Casting for I'm Vegan has now begun!

I'm Vegan is a series of short documentary profiles that will feature vegans from all walks of life, perhaps including you! The project is is intended to address preconceptions about vegans and veganism, which may increase normalization of and appreciation for veganism. It is also expected that I'm Vegan will be a catalyst for some viewers to go vegan. Completed profiles will be distributed for free over the web so that anyone can share the videos with family, friends, and visitors to their own sites. A full-length documentary is also in the works.

It looks like a really interesting project for those of you who are not as camera-shy as I am! So why not drop him a line and get your face in the movies!

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