Sunday, December 21, 2008

What to do with the leftovers?

One of the final baking tasks I had to complete before the Christmas break was to create a gift-tin for my mother's companion, we'll call him 'D'. Now 'D' is remarkably difficult to buy for at Christmas, so I decided this year to bake him some good vegan treats, ship 'em over to Blighty and pray that they arrive within a reasonable timeframe and in a respectable state.

So, in case they don't, and in the full knowledge that 'D' will never read this blog post, here is the finished tin, just awaiting mailing tomorrow:

Oh, and these are the titular 'leftovers'....

My Beloved is suddenly all in favour of leftovers.....hmmm...strange that!


Oh, and in case anyone out there is concerned about the apparent neglect of my own little cookie monsters - Darwin Dog and Humphrey Hound - rest assured that I did not forget them in this baking extravaganza. Indeedy no. See here, just fresh out of the oven and still too hot to put their paws on:

Carrot and pea biscotti!

Frozen peas are caught in an intimate embrace with freshly diced carrot and bound together by wholewheat pastry flour, a silky ribbon of canola oil and a sprinkle of baking powder. The dough is baked, sliced into squares, baked again, removed from oven and squished tentatively before being baked one more time. To achieve the preferred level of crunchiness beloved by beagles and their little brothers everywhere. Well, here in Westfield, anyhow!

And if you are still reading this and wondering why oh why is she baking up a storm on the final Sunday (and therefore shopping day) before Christmas???? Well, these views from various windows will show you why:


Stay warm, and vegan, friends!


Jeni Treehugger said...

Ooooh what state did the biscuits arrive in??
Do you know?

I can't believe that snow - it actually made me shiver looking at that photo. Is it still like that?

Amanda said...

JT! Yes, apparently they arrived intact, but waaaay later than I ever imagined. The Xmas post really is awful, I guess. However, the recipient really enjoyed them so all was well. Oh, and the snow, yep it's still like that. Today was a bright sunny one but temps were only just above freezing. See some of my recent posts for more pix of fun and frolics in the freezing New England winter! Betcha glad to be in Spain......!