Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vegans truely are the *best* people....

I just wanted to take a second to respond to and thank the folks who left comments regarding my earlier post on 'Hefty Herbivores'. I was feeling despondant when I wrote it and just having Anonymous, Poookie, Anonymous, Sara and Zucchini Breath take the time not only to read it but to identify and to post comments really gave me the boost I need. And so to your points:

Anonymous aka 'Cybermomma' - you know I only planted the seeds for you and you have made them bear fruit all by yourself. I am terrifically proud of what you have achieved and what you will go on to achieve and I really believe that the changes you've made will keep you with me longer. And that HAS to be good. Right?!?!

Poookie - **you** inspire me! Not only have you lost a ton of weight but you've gained a ton of insight! Yes, we are all unique and we didn't arrive at our sizes overnight, so it's a matter of time and patience. Oh, and you say. Thanks so much!

Anonymous - you are definitely NOT alone. And at a size 14 you are gorgeous! :) I hope I might get down to that size at some stage...even while eating the odd vegan donut or two! LOL

Sara - yes, you too hit the nail on the head when you said 'Sure, the occasional indulgence in the vegan cookie or cupcake, but that's the key..occasional.' As I look back over my blog posts, I see a distinct bias towards baked goods and a real lack of balance. I need to correct that. Oh, and I also need to say kudos on YOUR awesome blog - check it out, guys...The Innocent Primate Vegan Blog.

Zucchini Breath - I lurked around your blog too and the pix you post are in no way 'chubby'! 57 lbs since June?!?! - you are my new hero!!!! Love it, love it!

A, P, A, S and ZB - thanks again.

More soon.

And stay vegan, my Friends!


Sara said...

Thanks for the blog plug - I hope it can be a source of delicious and healthy vegan inspiration! :) And you know, it's amazing how a little boost in times of despondence can change our view of the world (or at least the immediate world we close ourselves up in). Stay strong!

Zucchini Breath said...

Thanks a bunch for the shout out and the ego boosting comment, tee hee!

Weight loss is a nice bonus but being a vegan is about something much bigger than the size of our pants!

Cheers to you in all you do