Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Boss!

OK, perhaps I'm a suck-up, but I can't help it. Today, our whole dept celebrated our boss' birthday and I made the cake! I like baking, as you know, but I am also trying to refrain from eating everything I cook (in an attempt not to end up looking like the side of a barn!), so baking for someone else makes perfect sense!'s not altruism, it's self-preservation!

And so, a little food porn! This was the cake:

And for a closeup:

With Humphrey's eyes glowing weirdly blue in the background!

It was a chocolate cake from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's Joy of Vegan Baking coupled with a basic 'buttercream' frosting spiked with Glenmorangie and coffee liqueur. Oh, and a little candy store in Northampton (MA), Sweeties, supplied the vegan 'cordials' - the delightful little choccie balls on top!

It went down well.

Happy Birthday and here's to the next one!

Eat cake and stay vegan, friends!

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Anonymous said...

that is a beautiful cake!