Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vegans only eat lettuce and tree bark, right?

It's really hard being vegan, isn't it?

I mean...


There's just soooooo much to give up.
To feel *totally* deprived about.
Oh, but I can't - just CAN'T - give up my ______ [fill in the blank here].

Yes, indeed, it is a salad-and-tree-bark-munching life of ascetic deprivation.

Yeah right!!!!!

I bought a crepe pan last weekend and tested out Isa's recipe from 'Vegan Brunch'. And - boy oh boy - was it good! Look...

This tender little crepe made of a mix of chickpea, tapioca and all-purpose flours, non-dairy milk and some maple syrup is stuffed full of a sauce of fresh strawberries scented with rosewater. The recipe made 9 of these babies - 4 each for My Beloved and I, with the remaining one split between two very hopeful puppies who declared them possibly the best breakfast crepes THEY'D ever had. Here's Darwin pleading his case for a taste:

Who could resist that look?? Or those crepes!! Try them for yourselves and then tell me all about how extreme and deprived the vegan life is!!



D Zeus said...

I am so excited to try these crepes-they look extremely yummy!

Also, thanks for this great blog-I appreciate the chance to hear about how other vegans feel, since I am in such a minority in my family and my community!

Sara said...

Well, I actually DO survive solely on twigs, lettuce, and hemp... I mean, don't you? That's the definition of vegan, right? Ah, hahaa....

Amanda, Those crepes look simply divine! I need to get a crepe pan...

Maria Rose said...

The way I eat has improved so much since I went vegan. I feel like veganism led me to try out tons of new foods that I never would have had I not become veg.

Amanda said...


Welcome D Zeus - I'm so glad you found my blog! Check out my blogroll too - these are all sites that I visit as frequently as I can because they help me feel connected to the vegan community. I empathise with how isolated you can feel and I often find support through folks at the other end of those links!

Sara - get a crepe pan! Get one today...after work if you simply MUST wait that long! LOL Honestly, in general I am no fan of the kitchen 'uni-tasker' but I am a total convert to the crepe pan. It just makes life a little easier. (well, the crepe part of life anyhow!)

Maria-Rose - me too! I loved to eat before I went vegan but now I have a way broader scope and a real taste for culinary adventure!

Watch this space for more - I have some home-made chocolate ice-cream coming up from 'The Vegan Scoop' and an East Coast Coffee Cake from Isa's Vegan Brunch....