Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today I am deeply ashamed of my species.





Sara said...

I don't know why the cruelty that a human can express and inflict on another living being still amazes me. Maybe that means somewhere inside of me, there lies hope that maybe I can make a difference in at least one life. And if half the people in the world could aim to make a difference in just one life (human, canine, or otherwise), via leading by example of compassion and respect and not by intimidation and dominance, then maybe there's still hope for all Earthlings yet.

Maria Rose said...

When I get down like that I have to really go searching for good people doing good things.

Amanda said...

Sara and Maria Rose: it's hard not to be down when you witness this kind of atrocity (even second-hand) but you are both right in trying to focus on the positive. I tend to get swallowed whole in a pit of sadness and am still struggling - in general - with learning how to climb out of it each time. But actively seeking out the good things people do IS a way forward - and that's why I read both of your blogs! And Sara, the way you hold onto your sense of hope is inspiring to me - thank you both! - Amanda