Saturday, August 7, 2010

A brand spanking new vegan restaurant opened in NoHo today.

'Karma' held its pre-opening party, hosting the illuminati of the local vegan community.

I was not invited.

Meep! :(


veganhomemaker said...

Where is this restaurant? I googled it and it didn't come up.

Maria Rose said...

Next time!

Amanda said...

Hi veganhomemaker and Maria Rose!

My last reply seemed to get lost in the ether, so here it is again....

The restuarant is called Karma and the website is It's on Main St in Northampton, where the old Vermont Deli used to be. It opens officially today! Watch this space for a review - hopefully as early as next weekend! :)

Maria Rose - thank you for that! Yes, next time will be just fine! :)

- Amanda