Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Today is my Vegan-versary!

Today is my Vegan-versary!

My Vegan Birthday!

I am one year old today!!

Yes folks it is exactly *a year* since I first stumbled across the truth about how we treat the animals that wind up on our dinner plates. Then it was shocking....and it still is. Over the course of the year, I have learned more, cried more, raged more, become stronger, and consolidated my understanding of the issues. I have learned to cook in a new, fresh, exciting ways that have reinvigorated my diet and passion for food. I have dropped a few pounds, although not nearly as many as I would have liked! (Perhaps in this way I have contributed to debunking the myth that all vegans are sickly and thin? I certainly am not!)

I have made new friends, read new books, brought my values to a new workplace and have volunteered my time and skills in new endeavours. I have come to see the world and my place in it through a different lens: one that highlights the connections between all living things and the contradictions of our all too human behaviour; one that rejects the selective compassion of cuddling pet dogs while eating hot dogs; one that understands the social crutches of 'tradition' and 'habit' as excuses for selfish taste preferences and elitism.

And so, with a nod to that once ubiquitous Mastercard ad....

Number of days since going vegan: 365
Number of new cookbooks gleefully purchased: 17
Number of factory-farmed land animals not eaten by me: 35.7

Living in harmony with my conscience: Priceless

Stay Vegan, Friends!


Bea Elliott said...

Hooray! Goodie for you! Goodie for the animals!! Hip - Hip - Hooray!

I will celebrate my "vegan-versary" in a few months. Although I was an "ethical vegetarian" years before that... just never figured they were doing what they were doing to make "dairy & eggs". Horrible isn't it?

You say: "I have learned more, cried more, raged more, become stronger, and consolidated my understanding of the issues." I too have gone through the endless crying, (how could the world be so mean?), the rage, (how could they have kept it from everyone?),(how do I make it better?)... I don't know that I'll ever "get" all the issues - and the strength comes day by day.

Once I was exposed to "factory farms" there was no question doing the right thing meant to go "vegan". A very simple choice based in ethics and really "good" food instead of "dead" food.

Congratulations! Hope you enjoy a century more of celebration!

Anonymous said...

congratulations from the swedish vegan community!!! keep up the good work!

Maria Rose said...