Tuesday, October 7, 2008

All Hail Vegan Dad!

Over the weekend, I decided on an adventure and peeked out from behind the relative safety of my much loved vegan cookbooks to embrace a recipe or two from the blogosphere. I had stumbled, you see, upon one of my new favourite people: Vegan Dad. OK, so I don't know him personally and I am unlikely, I guess, to ever so do, however, I love his blog and was determined to test out a dish or two.

And so, in the best tradition of Saturday night 'junk food', I selected Boneless Chickenless Chicken Wings, seitan-based little morsels of delight and wonderment. Mine, not quite as pretty as Vegan Dad's, looked like this:

They paired really well with some twice-baked potato skins stuffed with garlic mushrooms and topped with Vegan-rella, thus:

And finally, celebrating the fact that we now have a broiler (a small miracle!) in an oven whose door actually closes, we also enjoyed a plate of nachos - tortilla chips, topped with a mixed bean-tomato confection and grated MELTING Vegan-rella cheddar cheese. See here:

No, I'll readily 'fess up and agree that it was not the healthiest meal I ever dreamed up, but My Beloved just was not in the mood for another plate of sauteed greens. And, on a Saturday night, who can blame him????

Stay Vegan, Friends!


evestirs said...

i've never tried vegan-rella, how does it compare to other vegan cheeses?

Amanda said...

You know, I tried it months ago and made a fundamental mistake: I ate a piece like it was cows' milk cheese. Of course it was awful and I ended up throwing the whole block away.

Boy, was that a mistake!

It melts great and on pizzas, in paninis there is just nothing better! Plus, grating it is so much easier than other brands I've tried because it's harder and not as squishy. Give it a go!

Jeni Treehugger said...

That looks soooo goood - all of it!!

Amanda said...

Hey JT!

Come on over for dinner!


-Amanda at Cackleberry