Friday, October 3, 2008

Fun with Rhubarb!

MoFo: Day 3!

This has to be a very quick post as My Beloved is taking me back up to Northampton for a bite to eat. It's been a 'helluva week' at work and really we need to get a couple of beers and wind down a bit. So, instead of making the pasta dish we *were* planning, we're off for some sushi or a veggie burger or something easy and quick, made by someone else!

However, in order not to let the side down on the whole MoFo thing, here's a sneak peek at my plan for tomorrow. I am really hoping to go to the farmers' market in the morning to get some of this:

'Wait!', I hear you gasp, 'Rhubarb?!?!?'

Well yeah! I found this truly scrumptious recipe in - I think - The Garden of Vegan for Rhubarb Bread and I really - REALLY - want to make it again. This was how it turned out last time:

It was moist, sweet but not overly so, the crumb was well rounded, held a fantastic texture and it just melted in your mouth.

Well, in my mouth anyhow!

So it's on the menu again this weekend, as long as someone at the farmers' market can provide me with a few stalks of the red stuff.

Here's hoping!

Stay vegan, friends! :)


Jeni Treehugger said...

Oh how I miss Rhubarb! Can't get it here for love nor money.
That bread looks scrumptious!!!

Amanda said...

Yeah, turns out I couldn't get any yesterday either, so I had to resort to Plan B.....stay tuned to see the results!


Bethany said...

I thought rhubarb was out of season. I don't know why I thought that, but you've given me energy to renew my search. I really want rhubarb pie - minus any strawberries to get in the way of the rhubarb.