Thursday, October 2, 2008

Smoky Refried Bean Stoup

Day 2 of the MoFo Challenge! Well, yesterday really was a roaring success, I think, and I am so thrilled at the comments I have received here regarding my post! Equally, I was pretty happy that two of my coworkers asked me for the recipes, which shows a little more on their part than simple polite interest. I even managed to have a great conversation with one of them regarding flax seeds as an alternative for chickens' eggs in baking.


Now, for today's offering, we have smoky refried bean stoup - a cross between a stew and a hearty soup. It comes from Susan over there in the Fatfree Vegan Kitchen and I have to admit it smells divine.

My Beloved went out to our favourite bakery Hungry Ghost Bread at lunchtime and bartered some freshly minted Greenbacks for a loaf of their spectacular 'Country Wheat', a veritable feast of a loaf and just one of the multitude of reasons why I could not, would not, go raw!

*******Food Porn Alert!!*******

Look at that crust:

And here's the final dish:

Thickened by the refried beans, packed with home-cooked black beans, redolent with chipotle chili, Hungarian smoked paprika and roasted garlic and topped with a sprig of fresh Thai Basil.....Yum!

OK, am off to eat it now while watching the VP debacle...oops..sorry...debate!

Stay Vegan, Friends!

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Bex said...

That looks fantastic for the newly cooled weather.