Monday, January 28, 2008

A Glaring Omission

As I reviewed my last couple of posts, I noticed that a book was missing from the pictures of our new shelving system. Gasp! The missing volume was a new book I've just acquired: Vegan Planet by Robin Robertson. Like the Veganomicon, it is a tome! The 400 recipes and heaps of tips, tricks and trivia make this an inch and a half at minimum - and it is worth its weight in gold!

The reason it was absent from its shelf was because I was using it to create a grocery list for Sunday evening's dinner: tarragon-scented mushroom and white bean strudel with hot mixed vegetable and spinach salad. OK, so the rice salad was my recipe, but the strudel was definitely not one I would have come up with alone.





and again:

I did make a couple of changes - the original recipe called for 8oz firm tofu, but since I'd cooked a big batch of white beans, I substituted those instead. Also, instead of just one kind of mushroom, I added in some thinly sliced dried cremini mushrooms (rehydrated of course) which lent the dish an added woodsy depth of flavour. The other main ingredients were fresh tarragon and artichoke hearts which I adore so am thrilled with this recipe!

Moreover, there was waaaaaay too much for one meal, so we're having it again tonight. I guess I'll do a different side dish, but the strudel is on the menu! I can barely wait to get home!

Stay Vegan, Friends!

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