Monday, January 28, 2008

New and Streamlined Kitchen!

OK, I am a cookaholic. I admit it. I've always enjoyed preparing food, but now that I can do so with a clean vegan conscience there is almost no stopping me. I am baking for My Beloved and myself, for coworkers at both of my current places of work, for our friends, for our doglets...for anyone who sits still long enough to have a vegan pastry stuffed into their hot little hands!

So, given the above, it is with immense pleasure that I can announce a slight kitchen reorganisation. We had a butcher's block - which now seems hideously inappropriate in a vegan kitchen - which we replaced with some wonderful open shelves, thereby increasing storage at the same time as gaining a little extra floor space. See here:

Top shelf entertainment includes:

And my favourite shelf is the one bearing my precious new cookbook collection:

Now doesn't this just look so wonderfully organised?!?!

But of course, it's no good if it's all for show so in the next post I'll show you what I made this weekend...

Watch this space and Stay Vegan, Friends!

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