Monday, January 28, 2008

Priority Cupcake Delivery

You may recall me talking in an earlier post about the 'secret santa cupcakes'...if not, here's the gist: to overcome that awful problem at Christmas parties of what to do about the person who brings you a gift even when you have nothing to give in return I devised a cunning scheme last holiday season whereby I gave out 'promissory notes' to all party goers. These little notes promised the recipient a variety of vegan baked goodies - a dozen cupcakes here, a dozen cookies there...and the first note was called in last weekend.

My friend, we'll call her D, had 'won' a dozen chocolate-stout cupcakes so she called in the order and I sprang to action, whisk in hand. This is what they looked like:

The box was slightly too large, which is a shame as I bought 3 of them (to have 2 in hand for the next couple of callers) but all in all it worked out. I arranged with a mutual friend, who we'll call MES as those are her initials - she knows who she is!, to drop them off at her house for D to collect when convenient. That way, I don't have to go driving all around Western Mass delivering these little wrappers of fun! Not that I mind, but on a journey longer than say 5 minutes I'd have given in to the temptation and eaten the lot! This way, as MES lives not 2 minutes from my house, all arrived safely!

So, one down, around another 15-20 to go!

Stay Vegan, Friends!

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