Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Review: Little Things are Big

Sometimes it's the small things in life which make the difference. Courtesy on the road from a fellow motorist equally late to work, a warm smile from the tollbooth collector on a freezing winter night, or a random act of general kindness when least expected.

So that's one reason why I have come to love Maria-Rose's blog Little Things are Big. I stumbled across it accidentally and was drawn immediately to pictures of her beautiful little girl, Miss Bumblebee, and to Maria-Rose's wonderfully gentle writing style. By the time I learned she's also a vegan...well, I was hopeless addicted!

Maria-Rose is one of those unique folks who sees the good in the everyday, the beauty in the routine. Being somewhat of a pessemist myself, it is uplifting to read her posts - especially those of her undercover exploits as the Kindness Bandit. And it doesn't hurt that she's owned by the cutest bassett hound around!

So if you - like me - find yourself occasionally in need of a quick emotional pick-me-up, head on over to check out Little Things are Big. Because sometimes the 'little things' are all that count.....

Stay Vegan, Friends!


E.K. said...

I think she's the bee's knees!

Maria Rose said...

I wanted to thank you for this very kind write up. You really made my day!