Sunday, December 30, 2007

You Know You're Vegan When....

I'll confess: I can be a bit 'precious' about things, especially when they are new. I don't crack the spines of books, allow metal utensils near my nonstick saute pans or turn a blind eye when one of the pups is having his evil, lascivious way with one of the new futon cushions. However, today I reached a new high - or low, depending on how you see it - of preciousness. I was making a batch of doggie cookies for the boys. The idea is mainly to use up the remaining mozzarella cheese (yes, non-vegan, which is why I'm not posting specifically about the cookies themselves) skulking forlornly in the deep dark recesses of the fridge. Since my change to veganism was so comparatively recent, I am still finding the odd item or two of meat and dairy and just want to be rid of it. I thought that making les gars some cheesy cookies would be an excellent way of achieving this, in this case. So I assembled the ingredients and realised that I could not use our new food processor for the job. I simply couldn't bring myself to put the cheese in it. It would have sullied it in my eyes, I guess, so I cranked the things out by hand instead.

Bottom line: the Kitchen Aid remains vegan and pure.
Second bottom line: this is a one-way transition for me.

There is no going back!

Stay vegan!

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