Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Vegan 2008!

Happy New Year again to all!!

It's been a wonderful start to the New Year. Living in New England, I had the opportunity today of an excellent workout shoveling snow, was greeted thereafter by My Beloved wielding a large and perfectly proportioned vodka martini and a blazing fire in front of which to drink it. I made a vanilla cheesecake with a shortbread base (per Colleen's delectable recipe) and am planning a layer of something soft and caramel-like to top it off or, if not, then a drizzel of caramel sauce followed swiftly by some chocolate shavings.

For our first meal of the new year we are having a roasted, stuffed Tofurkey, lemon/red onion roasted potatoes and a medley of summer vegetables (summer squash, onion and baby sweetcorn) sauteed in garlic.

Also I made my first miso soup - an article in the new issue of Veg News fingered miso soup as a superfood, in terms of its immunity boosting properties. So I figured we could do worse than eating a bowlful or two in this unexpectedly frigid Massachusetts winter!

Stay well and stay vegan, friends!

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