Saturday, January 5, 2008

It's About Time for Breakfast!

They say it's the greatest meal of the day, but what do you do if you are used to scrambled eggs and pork sausages to break the fast? Embrace tofu! This morning, My Beloved and I decided we needed a Big Brunch-type breakfast - the reason? Well, we were planning a trip to the mall to get him some more clothes for work. And he doesn't do clothes shopping well. No sirree. Not at all.

So I fortified the poor little bugger with a plate of the following:

After a trip to one of the local eateries, I had some 'take home tempeh' - when you eschew the steak or duck or - god help us - veal, they tend to pile on the grilled tempeh.

So I made some tempeh bacon, whipped up some sausages from Gimme Lean, along with some Southwestern scrambled tofu. My Beloved added his renowned potato cakes, and a thick slice of rosemary bread rounded out the meal.


Tomorrow morning it's Italian bread french toast with Golden Syrup!

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