Sunday, January 6, 2008

Heaven is Melted Chocolate!

I must admit that when I initially considered becoming vegan - as opposed simply to vegetarian - the issue of chocolate was a problem. Having been brought up in the UK, I have a very specific taste for chocolate - what the Europeans laughingly tried at one stage to have renamed as 'vegolate' due to the low percentage of cocoa solids. I like milk chocolate - Mars, Rowntrees, Dove, Galaxy and the King of all choccies - Cadbury! Not, of curse, to miss out Thorntons - that divine store filled to bursting with tongue tempting truffle treats!

Beat that for alliteration! :)

However, chocolate is a luxury not a necessity so I accepted that it was just a sacrifice I would have to make....until I discovered vegan chocolates! Oh yeah! We have vegan 'meats', vegan 'ice cream' and of course vegan 'chocolates' - I must have been naive to have considered otherwise! So, at Christmas I became the delighted recipient of a big box of vegan chocolates from one of our local stores in Northampton, Sweeties, from My Beloved (wonderful man that he is!) and I set about them with gusto. As is my way. And this Bacchanalia led me to ponder whether I could, in fact, make some myself. So today, I had a go.

I purchased a couple of molds, some good chocolate....

and did a quick web search for a recipe for the filling. This is how it looks thus far:

OK, so it's fiddly and I don't yet know how they'll turn out, but I'll post comments again later, when I know whether the whole process was worth it or not. It was an exercise in patience, that's for sure, but on the other hand a little chocolate does seem to go a long way and I think I could probably get quite excited by the possibilities here!

We'll see - watch this space!!


Stay Vegan, Friends!

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