Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cupcake Friday!

So as you know, I love to cook and share food with folks. And you might also know that I now have a second part-time job. How are these two factoids connected?, I hear you ask in breathless anticipation. Well, bear with me....I really like the folks in my new place (I've worked there in the past too) and so, to show my generous, giving, likeable side, I decided to institute 'Cupcake Friday'. The absolute beauty of this scheme is that it simultaneously provides folks there with some end of week cheer, introduces them to the concept of yummy vegan food, and gives me with an outlet for all of this frenzied baking I'm doing lately.

So here was my grand plan for World Cupcake Domination. I drew up a chart with everyone's name on it and a choice of orgasmic vegan cupcakes: mexican hot chocolate, margarita, banana split, coconut-lime, rum 'n' raisin, etc etc etc. This jolly little chart was printed out and stuck in the kitchen with the strong suggestion that folks all vote for their favourite cupcake choice. When votes are tallied on Thursday, I will know what kind to bake that evening to bring in for Friday.

Sheer genius!

Even if I say so myself! :)

Stay Vegan, Friends!

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