Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Jamie Oliver shows chicken's egg-to-plate hell

I am so relieved that someone of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's stature is finally getting involved in showing the realities of factory farming. That he's focusing on chickens first is also a step in the right direction as they are often - alongside fish - the last animals to come off people's menus.

According to an article in today's Telegraph, Oliver succeeded in showing the reality of a chicken's 39-day 'life' in Britain's poultry industry. Although it's hard to watch - and even harder to live with what you've seen - it is so vital that people wake up to how their chickens reach their plates. From the disposal of male chicks (via suffocation or maceration - yes, in the US they grind male chicks up alive) to beak-searing to the horrors of battery cage production of eggs to the torture of 'broilers' to the final slaughter of these gentle, docile birds...the whole industry needs to have the spotlight turned on it and people need to wake up.

Wake up!

This brutality cannot be acceptable to anyone with a conscience.

Thank you Jamie Oliver!

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